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On Grid Solar Power Plant


Through years of endeavor, we have established business relations with many countries and regions including Spain, UK, Romania, Sweden, Pakistan, Dubai, Iraq, Bangladesh, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Haiti and etc. Therefore, our goal is to provide clean, renewable power at an affordable pricing.


2.16MW Solar Poverty Alleviation Project


14MW Solar Poverty Alleviation

8MW Solar Project in Yichun

5MW Solar Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation

Wenzhou science and Technology Museum

Building of United Nations in Serbia

Swimming pool of Technology Centre in Shijiazhuang

Telecommunications building in Shanghai

The Malaysian Industrial Plant

Villa in Haidian

Agricultural Greenhouses in Jiangsu

Pakistan 150KW Rooftop System

Pakistan 100KW Rooftop System

Solar Farm 15MW Jinan City, Anhue, China

Solar Farm 3MW Anhui, China

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