1HP Solar Water Pump System<br> (Model: FL750L)
1HP Solar Water Pump System <br>(Model: FL750L)

1HP Solar Water Pump System
(Model: FL750L)




For Pumping clean water
For civil and industrial applications, including water supply, Irrigation, washdown system.


Operating Conditions


Water temperature from 1℃ to 35℃
Maximum permissible content of suspended and 100g/m3


  • Operating when solar working.
  • Water tower/pond supply water in night time.
  • 1HP=0.75KW
  • Outlet: 2"(1.5HP~7.5HP),3"(10HP~40HP),4"(50HP~100HP)
  • Life time: Inverter 5 years, panel 25 years, pump 3 years
  • Warranty: Inverter 3 years, panel 10 years, pump 1 year

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